Transportation Planning

Act 209 Plans

HVA has managed, coordinated and/or reviewed the development of six (6) Act 209 Studies that have resulted with established Traffic Impact Fee Districts for our municipal clients. Our duties include: emphasis on establishing growth areas; calculating projected land development activity; assessing transportation and infrastructure needs; preparing a capital improvements plan; and establishing a strategic implementation schedule, in accordance with Pennsylvania Municipalities Code and Traffic Impact Fee Law.

Capital Improvement Plans

HVA has managed and coordinated the review of over 70 Traffic Impact Studies in accordance with subdivision and land development review process established by the individual municipalities having jurisdiction in the review process. Our duties include analyzing traffic counts, trip distribution and assignment, turning movements, existing and projected level of service, and background growth in order to determine required on-site and off-site traffic improvements for subdivision and land development plans.

Transportation PlanningHighway Occupancy Permits

HVA has coordinated the preparation and review of numerous Highway Occupancy Permits with the local municipalities and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for the implementation of required improvements within state right-of-ways.