Sewage Facilities Planning

Environmental Planning

Environmental Planning

Environmental PlanningHVA has managed the preparation of 17 sewage facilities plans for various municipalities within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our responsibilities include: writing the text; conducting all background research and studies; providing overall coordination with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection; establishing alternatives for wastewater management; resolving existing and/or potential wastewater treatment needs; applying for all necessary planning grants; evaluating funding alternatives for municipal implementation; and attending all community meetings and public hearings.


Environmental Planning and Assessment

HVA has the capabilities of coordinating extensive environmental studies between local municipalities and consultants that have the qualifications to complete:

  • Environmental Impact Assessments Reports
  • Sanitary Sewage Feasibility and Water Supply Studies
  • Groundwater and Wellhead Protection Plans
  • Hydrogeological Analysis of Groundwater and Stream Supplies
  • On-Lot Sewage Management Studies and Ordinances
  • Conservation Management and Plans and Ordinances
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plans and Ordinances
  • Stormwater Management Reports and Ordinances
  • Riparian Buffer and Biodiversity Corridor Ordinances
  • Wetlands and Ecological Protection Ordinances
  • Natural Resource Protection Plans and Ordinances
  • Permitting and Planning Modules